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Learn to Make Websites (at Home)

Key Features

  • We Provide 3 Month training.
  • Training provided via telephone & internet at ease of your home.
  • Flexiable timings of training in accordance to your job.
  • Our professionals will guide you thoughtout the process.

Special Sessions on Saturdays & Sundays.

To join this course you must have the following :

  • working computer or laptop with windows os.
  • internet connection for proper communication & training.
  • Knowledge of basics of computers and internet.
  • good understanding of english and hindi.
  • latest version of firefox mozilla and google chrome browsers installed on your computer / laptop.
  • Install team viewer software on your computer / laptop.

To find if you have the minimum requirements please call us at +91 - 9953578794

How to Join...?

Kindly call us at 09250010770 to know if you have any doubts.

To join you must meet the minimum click to tab requirements and pay the course fee.

You can pay the course fee via cash, internet banking, atm / debit card, credit card, Demand draft or cheque.

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We provide training to make websites via telephonic guidance and Internet based chat, at ease of your home via Internet

Our professionals will guide you throughout the process.

One hour sessions (3 days a week).

Special sessions on Saturday and Sunday for working professionals.

Charges- Rs 9800/- (3 days money back guarantee)

Minimum Course Duration - 3 Months.

Module For Web Designing

  • At 1st Class(Basic Information About Course)

    Basic Info, Profile Creation, Browser Install(Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer), Team Viewer Install, Firebug Install, Note Pad++, "Hello World" Html File , Scheduling of classes

  • At 2nd Class(Getting Started)

    Style="background: red" (font size,color,height,width), Pixel size, List of normal color

  • At 3rd Class(HTML Basic Structure)

    Html basic structure , (Detailed discussion), Document type, Head(Title), Body(div), Closing

  • At 4th Class(Basic HTML Tags)

    Common Html Tags(div, span, paragraph, heading)

  • At 5th Class(Common HTML Tags)

    Centre, B tag, i tag, strong, br, hr, Font tag, color tag,

  • At 6th Class(Other HTML Tags)

    List (ol, ul), Button tag, Comments, Table info

  • At 7th Class(HTML Tables)

    Table Detailed (tr, td, th,colspan, rowspan), Style border

  • At 8th Class(Dealing With Images)

    Image, Align, File Path, Background Image

  • At 9th Class(New HTML5 Tags)

    New Html tags (Browser support) , Article , Section , Header , Footer , Aside , Nav , Time

  • At 10th Class(How TO Use Anchor Tag)

    its implementation on another tag, marquee

  • At 11th Class(Font Description)

    Font, Line Height, Font Family, Font size, Font color, Style, Implementation on tag

  • At 12th Class(CSS Layout)

    Display, Float (left, right), Padding

  • At 13th Class(CSS Positioning)

    Position, Margin, Pixels,em,percentage

  • At 14th Class(Head Elements)

    Head Elements , Title , Keywords , Description , Meta tag , File links , Java links , Target , Favicon

  • At 15th Class(Getting Started With CSS)

    Class, ID, Name , Css intro , Css syntax , Linking

  • At 16th Class(CSS Basics)

    Css basics, Class, Id, Styling

  • At 17th Class(Dealing With Images)

    Css advance, Hover, Focus, Active, Visited, Css identifiers, Pointer

  • At 18th Class(How To Use Media Files)

    Media files, Audio, Video, Browser support, File extension

  • At 19th Class(Embeded Social Sharing Plugins)

    I frame , Embedded (eg. youtube) , Social sharing plugins(facebook, google , twitter) , Google map

  • At 20th Class(Advance CSS Part:1)

    Advance Css 1 , Transition , Shadow , Radius , Transform , Opacity

  • At 21th Class(Advance CSS Part:2)

    Advance Css 2 , Gradient , Animation , Background , Z - index

  • At 22th Class(Header Design)

    Header Design

  • At 23th Class(Header Design)

    Footer design

  • At 24th Class(Footer Design)

    Simple Menu

  • At 25th Class(Menu Design)

    Advance Menu

  • At 26th Class(Slider Using Javascript)

    Slider (javascript)

  • At 27th Class(HTML5 And Form)

    Form introduction , Elements , Input Type , Text area , Buttons

  • At 28th Class(Validation)

    Form, Html validation

  • At 29th Class(How To Use PHP Mailer)

    PHP Mailer

  • At 30th Class(Discussion On Browser Issues)

    Cross Browser Issues

  • At 31th Class(External Fonts)

    Font Icons , Google Fonts , External Fonts , Head Elements

  • At 32th Class(Responsive Website Part:1)

    Responsive Part 1

  • At 33th Class(How To See The Source Code)

    Responsive Part 2

  • At 34th Class(Responsive Website Part:2)

    Fire Bug, Inspect Element, Source code

  • At 35th Class(How To Learn Latest Advance Technique)

    How To Learn Latest Advance Techniques

  • At 36th Class(Getting Your Site On The Internet)

    Domain Purchase, Hosting

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